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About Ruby Major

Ruby Hendrickson Major served the Nashville school system for over 40 years as a teacher, board member, leader and friend. Our school, named to honor her lifetime of service, now serves students from 25 different cultures. Our mission at Ruby Major Elementary is to educate the whole child, addressing both character and intelligence. We have a faculty and staff who teach students to be critical thinkers, curious learners and persons of integrity. In other words, they teach students to be Rockets who Soar to Success.

Our curriculum challenges students at every level, keeping them physically and mentally active while preparing them for life beyond the classroom. Many students here are avid readers and all students receive 90 minutes of reading instruction daily. Science, social studies and word study are integrated into courses throughout the day.

Ruby Major strives to foster inquiry, problem-solving, and next-level thinking. This will help prepare our students to attend any Middle and High School, placing them on a challenging and promising educational pathway.

Every student here is also given the opportunity to explore their talents by participating in related arts courses daily, including physical education, music, and art. Together with our fine arts team, our students create museum-quality art and incredible musical theater productions.

Students have the opportunity to receive extra help and instruction during a 45-minute period every school day. In addition, we offer tutoring to students who want and need it outside of the classroom. We also extend our support to families and our surrounding community by providing English language classes and a clothing closet for families who need assistance with school uniforms.

School Hours

8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

School Cluster

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District 4